There are occasions when it is necessary to combine text from two different zones to be read as one zone or paragraph. An example would be a paragraph that starts in one column on the page and finishes on another. To combine these Zones, select the SECOND Zone (Box 3) and check the Merge box under Text Properties in the Zone Tab (Arrow 1). This will merge the Zone with whatever Zone is numerically previous to the chosen Zone in the Reading Order (Box 2). For example, if the user selects Merge while Zone 4 is selected, Zone 4 will be merged with Zone 3. If the first Zone on a page is selected, it will be merged with the last Zone on the page before it.

Merge.  Arrow 1 indicates the Merge checkbox from the Zone Properties in the Zone Tab.  Box 2 indicates text that is ends at the bottom of a column.  Box 3 indicates the remainder of that text at the top of the next column.  The zone order is set such that Box 3 follows Box 2 in the Reading Order.


Equidox Training - Text, Sensitivity Slider and Reading Order video.