Footnote and Footnote Link

These fields work in tandem. To link Footnotes to their Footnote reference in the text, each item must be tagged. First, select the text of the Footnote (Arrow 1) and choose Footnote from the Type dropdown box under Zone Properties in the Zone tab. Then select or draw the Footnote Link zone (Arrow 2) and choose Footnote link from the Type dropdown box (Arrow 3). This will bring up a Footnote Link Properties section in the Zone tab. Choose the correct Footnote from the dropdown box under To Footnote (Arrow 4). If you don’t see the correct Footnote in the list, recheck that you’ve properly tagged the Footnote.

Footnote and Footnote Link.  Arrow 1 indicates teh Footnote.  Arrow 2 indicates teh Footnote Link.  Arrow 3 indicates the Footnote Link Type.  Arrow 4 indicates the Footnote to which the link is to connect.

Equidox Training - Links and Footnotes video.