Page Detail

Once you've chosen your document and are ready to remediate, click on the Document from the Document detail. You can choose any page, but you’ll generally start at the beginning.

From the Page detail, you’ll see lots of options along the top border. Home button (Arrow 1), Document file name (Arrow 2), Page Advance (Arrows 3), Save button (Arrow 4), Mark Validated button (Arrow 5), Preview button (Arrow 6), Zoom In button (Arrow 7), Zoom Out button (Arrow 8), Shortcuts button (Arrow 9) and Close button (Arrow 10). 

Page Detail.  Arrow 1 indicates the Home button, Arrow 2 indicates the document filename, Arrow 3 indicates the page advance, Arrow 4 indicates the Save Button, Arrow 5 indicates the Mark Page as Validated button, Arrow 6 indicates the Preview button, Arrows 7 indicate the Zoom In/Out buttons, Arrow 8 indicates the preset shortcut keys, Arrow 9 indicates the Close button.

Overview video.