When a  document is remediated, the user  can Output the remediated document from this tab. Choose from PDF, HTML, or ePub formats. This will be the  remediated document’s format. Depending on the size and complexity of your remediated document, this may take some time. Click the Generate (PDF, HTML, or ePub) button to start the output process. 

Fix for no space (Arrow 1) can be checked for documents where the spacing needs corrected in the document. 

Flatten Xforms (Arrow 2) should be checked if the original document contains FormX Objects.

To download the original file, go to the Properties tab and choose Download original document/PDF

Once the output is generated, it will open in a new window and the user  will need to download the file to their hard drive.


Output Tab - Arrow 1 shows Fikx for no space checkbox, arrow 2 shows Flatten XForms checkbox, arrow 3 shows Generate PDF Button

Importing and Outputting Documents video.