Document Properties

Properties Tab

Under the Properties tab of the Document Detail, is  the document title, which can be edited (Arrow 1). 


Any Labels that have been applied, as well as add and subtract Labels from your document (Arrow 2) can be viewed here. 

Examples of this might include adding a Label that says “Completed,” or removing a label reading “Needs attention” if the issue has been resolved. Download the original document here (Arrow 3). 

Note this is the original, unremediated document.( To access the remediated document, go to the Output tab.) 

Document Attributes

The user can also view attributes about the uploaded document such as how it was created, when it was last modified, the number of images and pages (Arrow 4).

Arrow 5 tells how many pages are in the current document.

Document Propoerties:. ARrow 1 shows Document Filename, Arrow 2 shows  add Label button, Arrow 3 shows Download original document/PDF, Arrow 4 shows number of images, Arrow 5 shows  number of pages

Managing Documents video.