Zone Properties

The Zone Properties of the specified type of zone are in the next section. If the zone is a Heading zone [Arrow 2], it will show Heading properties [Arrow 6] (such as Heading Level), if it is a Link it will show Link properties (such as the URL/Anchor and description). These various zone Properties are specific to the Zone Types and change with the various Zones.  These Properties are discussed in greater detail for each zone type under Dealing With Text. (Arrow 6)

Page Detail - Zone Tab.  Arrow 1 indicates the Name of the zone.  Arrow 2 indicates the Zone Type in a drop-down box.  Arrow 3 indicates the Language.  Arrow 4 indicates the zone order.  Arrow 5 indicates the Remove Zone button.  Arrow 6 indicates the available Zone Properties which are surrounded by a box.  These Properties are specific to the Zone type and will change with the different types of Zones.